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Star man from the Plaedian star system, creator of bouncy wobblish world influenced funk music for all my star children. Human host born + bred in NYC, with a home base currently in Santa Monica, California.

Narkatta (MalLabel Music, Good Looks Collective, Big Imagination) is a World Beat influenced Organic IDM slash Hip/Trip-Hop artist to put it as short as possible, but in reality these are just the most predominant elements in his journey through a whole world of possibilities and genres that have mostly taken a back seat to his creative process. These roads have brought him into a strong current alignment with Middle Eastern intonations along side his love for bass. This alignment shines through his music in that cultural obsession with the connection to the stars that we all share. His drive to connect humans with our ancestry in the cosmos brings light to the inspirational nature of the atmospheres in which his heavily complex compositions reside. His newest EP, “Cosmic Currency” is a shining example of how that light illuminates each of his pieces as an artistic expression of the divine.

Music Genres

Weird Bass/World Bass/Glitch/Wook Trap/Trip Hop/Dub/Ghettofunk

Record Label

MalLabel Music

Artist Collectives

Good Looks Collective, Big Imagination


Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Ravi Shankar, An-ten-nae, Pretty Lights, Flying Lotus, & GRiZ


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